YSED Health & Safety Activities

Youth Safety Education Day (YSED) occurs annually on September 10th. The purpose of this day is to provide meaningful safety education, leadership, and awareness to youth across Saskatchewan and beyond (up to the age of 25) about the importance of workplace health and safety, safety at school, at play, while socializing, and last but not least, psychological health and safety. Gaining this valuable information before young workers take their first step into the workplace or while currently employed in their first jobs is a KEY step in injury prevention.

This educational package was developed by our team of Safety Advisors to help facilitate discussion and learning about mental health and workplace health & safety. Below you will find a variety of free activities, resources and educational tools to participate in to help focus on workplace health and safety this year! Use the items in your FREE YSED partnership packages as prizes for participating.

Mental Health Resources & Activities:

1. Information and Resource Section:

2. Exploring Section:

3. Reflection Section:

4. Posters:

Workplace Safety Resources & Activities: 


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From September 10th to September 15th, join the discussions on Youth Safety Education Day by using #YSED2023 on all social media platforms. Share with us how you are taking on a leadership role in safety and help us raise awareness on this crucial topic.

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