Youth Safety Education Day – September 10th, 2019

Partnership Opportunity

In Saskatchewan, young worker injuries are not declining fast enough. Young people and new hires are the most at risk of injury on the job and over 70% of them get their first jobs in the service and hospitality industries. Over 45% of young people aged 15-24 will experience a workplace injury in this province this year. These heartbreaks and injuries can be prevented with proper safety training and education. We all have an obligation to educate and protect our most valuable resource, our youth. We are reaching out to YOU to help us raise awareness and take a safety leadership role by partnering with Service Hospitality (formerly the SHSA) for this year’s Youth Safety Education Day (#YSED2019).

It is through efforts of individuals such as yourself that we can bring safety education and awareness to the youth of this province before they even step foot into the workforce. You can get involved with this very important initiative by demonstrating and promoting the importance of staying safe in the workplace.

Partnership Package

Thank you for being a SAFETY LEADER and partnering with us for this year’s Youth Safety Education Day! Click here to access our FREE educational resources and activities to participate in on September 10th (or any day that works for you)! This package was developed to help facilitate discussion and learning about mental health and workplace health and safety with youth.

Be A Safety Leader & Partner With Us

Last year we partnered with 200 schools, organizations, and industry partners which helped us reach over 29,000 youth in our province in a meaningful way.

This year we plan to obtain 200 partnerships and reach 40,000 youth across the province. We hope to get you involved with keeping our young and future workers safe in the workplace. These partnerships are fundamental in reaching as many youth as possible with our messaging and materials. Our Youth Safety Education Day package includes safety related content and activities for the youth in your organization/school to participate in on September 10th (or any day that works for you).

Even if your organization doesn’t employ or work directly with youth within your operations, your support to raise awareness is appreciated and beneficial. Each partner who would like to receive our FREE YSED package and prize bag for participants will receive this at NO COST! You also will have the ability to market your organization through sponsorship. Support can be provided through the donation of resources, promotional marketing materials, gift cards, etc. Your items will be included in the FREE YSED packages that will be distributed to our partners. Anything provided is greatly appreciated and will help us to reach even more youth.

Do you have what it takes to be a safety leader?

If so, please download our YSED2019 Partnership Letter form and let us know how you can help us raise awareness and contribute to this very important youth safety initiative!

A day proudly proclaimed by the Government of Saskatchewan since 2012!

Benefits to you:
Business Exposure 

There are numerous ways to profile your school/organization with YSED2019. The many advantages of partnership and/or sponsorship include:

  • Sends a message that you are genuinely interested in safety, community involvement & giving back

  • Your organization/school will receive special recognition as a YSED2019 partner on our website. Your logo will be displayed with a hyperlink back to your website. This initiative will be advertised across our social media platforms & email blasts to thousands of our members

  • Opportunity to have direct involvement with youth and young workers, helping to teach them how to be safe at work

  • You will be demonstrating that safety is important to you & your organization

  • The youth in your school or organization will have the opportunity to learn and participate in free safety-related activities & exercises. They will also be given the chance to win some awesome free prizes

    In the end, this is about protecting our kids, and our future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate!

Social Media

On September 10th, and leading up to the day, please share how you are getting involved and participating in Youth Safety Education Day! Help raise awareness & take a leadership role in safety! Please use #YSED2019 when sharing your involvement online!

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