Young Workers

Rights and Responsibilities:

DID YOU KNOW … all jobs have potential safety hazards!  That’s right – EVERY job!!! The best way to stay safe is to ask lots of questions.

DID YOU KNOW … as a worker you have three rights?

Your rights are:

  1.  The right to know about the hazards you may be exposed to.

This means your trainer (might be your supervisor or boss) must tell you which jobs might be dangerous and how to work safely to avoid getting hurt.

  1.  The right to participate in health and safety.

This means you can tell your boss when you see something dangerous and you can offer suggestions on how to make it better.

  1.  The right to refuse unusually dangerous work.

This means you can refuse to do a job that would put you in danger.

DID YOU KNOW … as a worker, you also have responsibilities?

Your responsibilities are:

  1. Stop and ask if you don’t know how to do the job safely or properly.

  2. Work safely

  3. Do your job the best you can

  4. Respect others in the workplace – co-workers, supervisors/bosses, managers, customers

  5. Report anything unsafe to your supervisor or boss

  6. Report to your supervisor or boss if you have been injured on the job

  7. Show up on time and ready to work (not tired, hungover, or distracted)