Workplace Safety – A Wise Investment

Over the last several months we have seen a massive disruption to workplaces and routines as we all worked together to slow the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, it appears that things are starting to settle down, we are seeing businesses reopening and staff returning to their physical work locations. As we return to our previous routines it is important that we keep safety at the top of our priority list. In fact, now is the perfect time to start fresh by taking a proactive approach to safety through implementing a fully functioning health and safety program.

A health and safety program is comprised of seven key elements:

  • Regular safety inspections

  • Written policies

  • Hazard assessment and control

  • Incident reporting and investigations

  • Orientation and training

  • Emergency response planning

  • Active and functioning health and safety committee

Investing in each of these is paramount in creating a positive safety culture within any organization. Of course, taking the steps to implement or improve a health and safety program requires resources, including training and time. As such it is important to explore the return on investment.

There are multiple benefits tied to a functioning health and safety program. From a financial standpoint, lower numbers of injuries and illnesses lead to a decrease in direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are obvious and generally easy to spot, an example would be receiving a discount in WCB premiums. Indirect costs on the other hand are not always as evident but can be up to 75% higher than direct costs. Some examples of indirect costs include increased absenteeism, employee turnover, or even loss of business due to negative impacts on an organization’s reputation.

When investing in a health and safety program it is also pertinent to look at any organization’s number one resource, it’s workers! Having a health and safety program shows a vested interest in the safety and well-being of workers, which leads to an increase in employee morale and productivity. Worker’s who feel valued will be quick to contribute to an organization’s positive reputation. And at the end of the day, every worker has the right to a healthy and safe workplace.

Speaking of rights… and responsibilities, an established health and safety program will ensure that your organization remains compliant with the legislation and the law! Occupational health and safety issues can lead to notices of contravention, fines, and in some instances a jail sentence.

Ultimately it pays to invest in a workplace health and safety program. Unsure of where to start? Contact Service Hospitality to book a complimentary safety evaluation with one of our advisors. Based on the evaluation we can work with you to create an action plan setting you up for safety success!

Be sure to check out our wide range of training courses and register for our free Workplace Inspections Webinar on July 8th.

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