Welcome Back Elmer the Safety Elephant!

The old saying goes, “it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later”. We are beyond excited to welcome back Elmer the Safety Elephant. Elmer is no stranger to Saskatchewan as he made an appearance in Saskatchewan schools before. His image was born in Ontario in 1947 and his reputation spread like wildfire, quickly becoming a well-known safety symbol on our national stage. Elmer’s career began as a traffic safety symbol reminding youth about the seven traffic safety rules to be safe in their community. Now he is an advocate for a wide variety of safety topics to help youth be safe in different environments.

Elmer the Safety Elephant is back to support students who may be struggling with COVID-19 related anxiety while returning to school during the pandemic. Returning to school is going to look a lot different this year and that’s why the wonderful team at the Canada Safety Council has put together a FREE resource for grades 3 and above, under the umbrella of Elmer the Safety Elephant program, for use in your educational facility. The Coronavirus Course for kids can help students learn how to stay safe supporting the return to school plan. This resource is designed for elementary students and includes teacher notes and a quick-start guide.

For more information on the Coronavirus Course for kids or to register for your free presentation check out Canada Safety Council: Elmer the Safety Elephant.

Like Elmer always says, “be smart and be safe.”

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