WCB 2018 Rate Setting Information Sessions

The model is changing …

Join the SHSA, and other representatives of industries throughout the province, when the WCB rolls out their new rate setting model for 2018.  They will announce the preliminary premium rates for 2018, which allows time for feedback and questions prior to confirming these rates.  The rate setting meetings can be attended in person, or, the Tuesday meeting in Regina can be viewed as a webinar.  The rate setting meetings generally allow time for questions, and allow you to meet some of the WCB staff.

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board invites you to register for the 2018 Annual Rate Setting Information Sessions taking place October 17 in Regina and October 18 in Saskatoon. Register now >

 Tuesday, October 17 in Regina, Queensbury Centre

 Wednesday, October 18 Saskatoon, Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Rate Setting sessions include information on:
· The rate setting process, and a review of the enhanced rate model and transition. (Learn more)
· The Experience Rating Program,
· Key factors that influence premium rates, and
· The WCB’s preliminary premium rates for 2018.

Rate Model Transition
As part of these rate setting sessions, the WCB will provide a brief review of the 2018 rate model transition. The WCB‘s rate model is used to determine the premium rates employers pay. The WCB adopted changes to its model based on an external actuary’s recommendations in 2016. These changes will impact the premiums employers pay. To help mitigate the impact of the transition to the enhanced model for the first year (2018 only) for those employers whose rate codes are increasing, the Board will draw from the Injury Fund to cover additional increases associated with the transition to the enhanced model. After 2018, employer premiums will be based on their claims experience as determined under the enhanced model.

To learn more about the enhanced rate model changes, please visit www.wcbsask.com/wcbs-2016-rate-model-review-recommendations/

2018 – WCB’s Rate Model Info Sessions:
In early 2018, the WCB will host additional information sessions for Industries whose rates will increase as a result of the changes to the rate model. Stay tuned for advertising about the time and location of these sessions.

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