The SABEX 2017 Safety Award Winner is . . . . Timeline Logistic!

This SABEX is awarded to an organization that has shown leadership through its commitment to improving its safety management practices or implemented a new, unique, forward-thinking and original idea to create a safer work environment.

We are very excited to announce that Timeline Logistic has been honored with this prestigious award this year.

Our very own Larry Glow, a senior advisor with SHSA, was one of the judges in this category and he was very impressed with the work that Timeline Logistic has done in the area around safety.  In his very own words he stated that “Timeline has developed one of the strongest safety programs in the industry and have one of the lowest National Safety Code Scores for highway carriers”.

Timeline Logistics’ safety management system utilizes cutting edge technology and uses a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking.  They utilize online training & surveying, safety webcasts, satellite tracking and performance monitoring to allow them the ability to reach all their staff in an accessible manner.  They document every incident, analyze trends and work proactively to stop incidents from occurring.  They have very strict parameters that trigger further investigation of incident analysis with ‘root cause’ as the goal.  They follow every incident to ensure the incident hasn’t happened again at the twelve-week point.

They developed a program called ‘Compliance, Safety, and Accountability’ (CSA)—drivers are scored on expectations related to their jobs.  This program has reduced their on-road violations by 25% and increased internal defect reporting by 35%.  This program is unlike any other in the industry and has been noted by many auditors as a ‘Best Practice’.

Timeline Logistic provides a predictive safety program rather than a reactive one, where data is used to identify problems before they happen and suggest plans to prevent accidents from happening.

They have been nominated for six consecutive years in the ‘Best Fleets to Drive for’ competition.

Needless to say, Timeline Logistic is well deserving of the Safety SABEX 2017 award and we offer our sincerest congratulations!

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