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November is Fall Prevention Month!

In 2022, 1 in 4 workplace injuries in Saskatchewan were caused by falls. November is Fall Prevention Month, and Service Hospitality wants to help you raise awareness and educate workers about preventing falls, whether your team is working at dizzying heights or just navigating the office terrain. Not all falls are created equal. According to […]

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Our 3-Part OH&S Committee Training is BACK on October 12th!

Employers! Did you know that the ‘Establishment of an Occupational Health and Safety Committee’ is the #1 Contravention handed out by Occupational Health and Safety Officers? Also, among the top ten contraventions, the ‘Frequency of Meetings’ and ‘Training of Committee Members’ remain high. Having an OH&S Committee is not optional! Every place of employment where […]

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Amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act – What You Need to Know!

Change is inevitable, including when it comes to workplace health and safety. On May 17, 2023, The Government of Saskatchewan introduced amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act that will help improve health and safety. The amendments have been passed and are in force to Part III, Occupational Health and Safety provisions. What You Need to […]

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