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Teaching Is Great, But…

Would you rather… be “taught” about a topic or be “trained” on a topic?  We thought so.  Teaching is great (and necessary) in some circumstances, but training is where the real value lies in the workplace.  What about claims management? Knowing the theory may be important for some (such as for your trainers, of course), […]

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Getting to the Root of it: A look at Incident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

When a worker experiences a workplace injury, the first thing most employers think is “How can we make sure this never happens again?” If you’ve had this thought before, you have probably been involved in an Incident Investigation. A successful Incident Investigation will look beyond the immediate and seemingly most obvious cause of an incident. It […]

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NAOSH Week Contest

Join us in NAOSH week! The SHSA is excited to be hosting a variety of contests over the course of NAOSH Week! How does the SHSA contest work?? Every workday next week, we will send and email with one of our SHSAtv Episodes! There will be a question accompanying each episode. All YOU need to […]

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