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Safety in Schools Training – Personal Protective Equipment

Think & Reflect: Why is it important to wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment for the job? Give an example to explain your reasoning. Course Description: Managers, supervisors, and workers are all responsible for selecting and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Legislative requirements and standards provide the framework for manufacturing and selecting PPE for different […]

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Proceed with Caution – A Guide to Return to Work Policies Amidst COVID-19

For organizations and individuals throughout Saskatchewan, the last two months have been a time filled with challenges and leading us to adjust to a different way of living and doing things. We have seen businesses make the tough decision to close their doors or change their way of operating. We have also seen plenty of […]

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COVID-19 Guide for Hospitality

With the global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important for employers to be prepared to respond. Service Hospitality has created the Covid-19 Guide for Hospitality to help assist you, our members, with these preparations during this unprecedented time. Do you have a formal plan in place in the case of an outbreak at […]

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