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From Hazards to High-Fives: Mastering Hazard Identification & Controls!

What exactly is a hazard?  When it comes to workplace health and safety, it’s basically anything that can cause harm to someone or damage to property or equipment.  Whether you’re eager to dive into the world of workplace safety or need to learn how to identify and tackle those pesky hazards, mark your calendars because […]

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Don’t Want HAZMAT, Have A Pool Chemical Safety Plan

Saskatchewan hotels make guests feel at home by offering a variety of amenities, often including a swimming pool. Did you know maintaining a swimming pool can be VERY dangerous for EMPLOYEES? What do we mean by VERY dangerous? Pool areas include many hazards that are often overlooked, particularly pool chemicals. Not only is the potential […]

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Safety Champion of the Year Goes To….

Service Hospitality’s Safety Champion is…. Brooklynn Radmacher, Youth Advisor This year marked the inaugural year of Service Hospitality’s Safety Champion Award. Service Hospitality’s vision: Healthy & Safe Workplaces. Prospering goes beyond what we do for our employers in the service and hospitality industries but is also measured within our own organization. At the beginning of 2021, […]

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