Thank You For Attending Step Up Your Safety w/ Candace Carnahan & Service Hospitality

Thank you to everyone for attending our event! It was such a joy to see all your smiling faces in-person for the first time since 2019. We would like to send our thanks to our keynote speaker Candace Carnahan for her incredible presentation and to everyone that put in all the hard work required for an event such as this!

Candace is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and safety advocate. After losing her leg in a preventable workplace incident over 20 years ago, she dedicated her life to promoting safe workplaces worldwide. Both moving and motivating with a mix of humour and harsh realities, Candace’s Step Up Your Safety will stick with you long after the event. With a Q&A to follow, you will have the chance to ask Candace any questions that may come up during her presentation. Plus, a special sneak peek into our Youth Step Up Your Safety initiative. Visit the Step Up Your Safety Website HERE for more information!

Candace is a natural speaker that had the audience absolutely captivated with her amazing story. It was a delight to meet her and our pleasure to have her as our International Keynote speaker at our Safety in Action Conference. Her message of “See something. Say something” really hit home with attendees. Thank you Candace for bringing your story to us. – D.C., Informa Australia

Candace’s message of safety, not only in the workplace but in life generally, was both powerful and inspiring. She has a wonderful way of engaging with her audience that empowers them to take her call to action, “See something. Say something” and truly make a difference. An hour with Candace has the ability to change an organization’s safety culture in a way that no safety campaign could ever do. Definitely, the best investment any organization can make. – J.V, Healthshare NSW

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