SHSA presents, Mental Health & Well-Being, In Holy Family RCSSD

Last week, SHSA’s advisors had the opportunity and pleasure, of delivering our Mental Health and Well-Being presentation to over 80, grade 7, 8 and 9 students in the Holy Family RCSSD.

If you are not familiar with our mental health initiative, here are a few examples of what it provides!

  • We target Health Education Outcomes! Our presentation fits into your curriculum needs!

  • We have partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association, to provide the most up to date, mental health information.

  • We discuss mental health, the definition, what it looks like, what it means to an individual, types of anxiety, possible causes of anxiety, coping strategies (both healthy and unhealthy), coping consequences (both healthy and unhealthy), how to recognize our body’s reaction to anxiety, how to help ourselves or others and accessible contacts in the areas we live in.

  • We visit a couple stories from youth experiencing anxiety and we have the students participate in engaging classroom activities. After the session, our advisors send the teachers follow up material to utilize with their students.

Contact us for more information, or to schedule a classroom presentation!

“When “I” is replaced by “WE”, Illness becomes Wellness,”

  • Shannon L. Alder

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