Service Hospitality TV 2020

5 Common Mistakes Employers Make While Managing Claims

How Many of These 5 Common Mistakes Are You Making Right Now? Has this ever been you?

… worrying about how you fill a temporary vacancy caused by a worker sitting at home due to injury?

… wondering why your WCB premiums keep increasing?

… confused about the process following an injury in the workplace?

… nervous about asking for more information about a worker’s psychological injury?

If any of these have ever been you, then you need to tune in and share this video! This succinct, animated video will walk you through five common mistakes made by employers while managing claims.

Many employers don’t even realize there is a different way to handle the situation they are in. Maybe you have made one of these mistakes in the past or are making it now. Click to find out!

Let’s Talk Anxiety…

In Canada, every 1 out of 5 youth who need mental health services receive them. This is a clear indication that there is a critical need for youth to receive mental health information. There is a great need to eliminate the stereotypes and stigma around mental health, which makes it even more important to educate our youth. Join the conversation and help promote mental health awareness. Let’s Talk Anxiety…

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To learn more about anxiety visit The Canadian Mental Health Association Anxiety Canada.

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