Safety Never Takes A Holiday! Announcing Our Latest HSLC Recipients…

Turning around a health and safety culture is no small feat, but the Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre (EGADZ) has done just that. Starting at the very top of their leadership team, they have trained staff, adjusted policy, and made EGADZ a safer place to work. This effort is reflected in their achievement of Service Hospitality’s HSLC Level 1! Keep up the great work!

Safety never takes a holiday, and this is SO true with our friends at Cosmopolitan Industries. We know this after witnessing all of the hard work Cosmo has put in to successfully completing HSLC Level 3! This dedicated team has truly shown how health & safety is the TOP priority in their organization. They lead by example in the community service industry, and it reflects in their safety management system. Congratulations Cosmo!

We want to personally thank you for your commitment to health and safety and for being leaders throughout your industry! View ALL HSLC Recipients Here!

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Our Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead you (the employer) through developing and implementing a health and safety management system and empowering you to create a system and a corporate safety culture that will improve the way you do business! Click here to find out more about our HSLC Program!

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