Psychological Risk Factors in the Workplace – Understanding the 13 Psychosocial Factors

Psychological hazards are in every organization. Knowing the psychosocial factors is a great first step in fostering a mentally healthy workplace. Question: Do your employees feel like they are treated fairly at work? Is recognition given publicly and criticism provided privately? Does your organization offer a work-life balance? For a discussion on all of the 13 psychosocial factors in the workplace, join me to learn more about how you can make a change in your organization.

*This is an approved mental health training course required for levels 2 & 3 of our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Program.* For more information including registration, pricing, payment, and cancellation information please contact one of our Safety Advisors.

This workshop will cover each of the 13 Psychosocial Factors in the workplace: 

    • Organizational Culture

    • Psychological and Social Support

    • Clear Leadership & Expectations

    • Civility & Respect

    • Psychological Demands

    • Growth & Development

    • Recognition & Reward

    • Involvement & Influence

    • Workload Management

    • Engagement

    • Balance

    • Psychological Protection

    • Protection of Physical Safety

Recommended for:

  • All Key Staff (those who will be overseeing and/or carrying out hazard identification, risk assessment, and control, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety Committee Members and anyone who wants to increase their psychological health and safety knowledge.

Approximate Duration:

In-Person: 1 hour
Virtual: 1 hour