Proceed with Caution – A Guide to Return to Work Policies Amidst COVID-19

For organizations and individuals throughout Saskatchewan, the last two months have been a time filled with challenges and leading us to adjust to a different way of living and doing things. We have seen businesses make the tough decision to close their doors or change their way of operating. We have also seen plenty of people working from home. Of course, all of this was done to help flatten the curve with the spread of COVID-19. In late April, Premier Scott Moe announced the province’s plan to reopen Saskatchewan. This announcement has many of us looking forward to life getting “back to normal”, or at least a new normal, so what should we expect moving forward?

It goes without saying that business, as usual, will be anything but, certainly in the upcoming weeks and months. With safety being a top priority, appropriate workplace safety policies will need to be put in place, this could include the use of personal protective equipment, rules around physical distancing, staggering of schedules, increased mental health supports, and more. It is pertinent that employers develop, initiate and communicate these policies prior to reopening, and/or returning to the physical work locations. This, of course, leads us to the question of where to begin?

When COVID-19 hit, many of us were faced with creating emergency, and business continuity plans. These plans were created with the help of resources, guides and support, including those offered by Service Hospitality. Once again, we have stepped up to help by developing our Return to Work Plan, a Safety Guide for Employers in the Hospitality & Service Industry. This comprehensive manual will walk you through the steps needed for a safe return to work and features specific subsections for the hotel, restaurant and community services industries. Furthermore, there is a supplier contact list to assist you in acquiring the right PPE for your organization.

As we progress through the phases of the reopen Saskatchewan plan there is no doubt that the future holds a lot of uncertainties. That said, with proper planning and preparation returning to work can be a safe and smooth transition. For additional resources please visit our website at We are always here to support you in all matters health and safety-related, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected].


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