Presenting: Mental Health During COVID-19 Event!

Join us on Wednesday, May 27th from 1 – 5:30 pm (CST) for our FREE LIVE Virtual Event on Mental Health during Covid-19 presented by Service Hospitality! Stay Connected.

Our Mental Health During COVID-19 event is being extended beyond our Mental Health Best Practice Group so we’re able to provide you with valuable information and resources about mental health during these challenging times. We are going through this worldwide pandemic together and want to be able to provide you with the tools necessary to deal with the current changes we are experiencing in our daily lives. Your mental health is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to coping while being isolated at home and adjusting to this new way of life. Our fantastic line-up of special guest speakers will provide you with insight, information, tools, strategies and resources on May 27th from 1-5:30 pm (CST). Have your whole team join! There is no limit to the number of people within your team that can register. Have them join you from their phone, tablet, or desktop on May 27th.

SPACE IS LIMITED! The first 300 registrants will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Bill Howatt’s new book, “Stop Hiding and Start Living”. 

Our Mental Health Best Practice journey started with a group of passionate individuals looking to work together to implement best practices, increase awareness and bring positive changes to mental health, safety, and claims management in the workplace.  This group was formed to bring people together from a variety of organizations across our province to bring forward a variety of important mental health topics, resources and tools to share with one another. Our MHBPG has evolved and grown over the years, while their focus has always remained the same, on emphasizing the importance of building a healthy awareness and advocating for mental health in the workplace. To find out more about our MHBPG, click here.

Our line up of special guest speakers includes: 

Dr. Bill Howatt

President, Howatt HR

Dr. Bill Howatt is no stranger to innovative, forward-thinking when it comes to mental health. Dr. Howatt is known as one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. With courses created for the University of New Brunswick to numerous books published, you aren’t going to want to miss him as a speaker at our upcoming Mental Health During COVID-19 event! 


Phyllis O’Connor

Executive Director, CMHA SK

Phyllis is the Executive Director at the Canadian Mental Health Association, she has been with CMHA for over 20 years. Phyllis is an advocate for mental health and works towards reducing the stigma that is associated with mental illness and mental health. Phyllis will be sharing information on Mental Health and COVID-19 Pandemic, shedding light on the emotions and uncertainty that comes with it and how to navigate it.



Denise Klotz

Director, Government of Saskatchewan

Denise Klotz is a government expert and will shed light on the current processes when it comes to WCB Psychological Injury Policy. Denise brings experience and insight into mental health in the workplace as she is the Director at the Office of the Workers’ Advocate for the Government of Saskatchewan for over 10 years. Don’t miss Denise covering all things WCB Psychological Injury Policy on May 27th


Laura Bence

Safety Advisor

Laura is a Safety Advisor with Service Hospitality and has been with the organization for two years. Prior to her time at Service Hospitality, she was in the hotel industry where she gained extensive knowledge and experience that she brings forward in her role today. She is an advocate for safety within the workplace and encourages each company she works with to have proper safety policies and procedures in place. Her philosophy is that zero is the appropriate amount of injuries in the workplace.



Elaina Guilmette

Teacher, Sun West Distance Learning Center

Elaina Guilmette is an online teacher at the Sun West Distance Learning Center and is a Ph.D. student at the University of Saskatchewan. Last year, Elaina identified a need for mental wellness education in the secondary school system and co-wrote the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education approved curriculum Mental Wellness 30. Elaina co-developed the online class to provide students all over the province access to mental wellness and mental health education.




Leon Ferguson

Vice President, Bridges Health

Leon Ferguson is a leading expert on mental health and will be providing technology solutions to help aid and support individuals and businesses during COVID-19 and well after. Leon is the Vice President at Bridges Health, which is one of the top wellness resources in Canada that offers holistic health and wellness strategies to organizations. Take the afternoon to join Leon and our other amazing speakers at the Service Hospitality – Mental Health During COVID-19 event.





SPACE IS LIMITED! The first 300 registrants will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Bill Howatt’s new book, “Stop Hiding and Start Living”. 

More about Dr. Bill Howatt’s Latest Book: 

What could be so hard about being a human being? Could it be keeping a loving relationship on the right track, paying bills and managing debt, worrying about the future (global warming, pandemics, geopolitical tension), managing the demands of family, parent care, and work. The fact is most all of us have something happening in our life that is a distraction, drain or concern. The frequency, duration and intensity of the stress we are perceiving can predict the degree it may negatively impact our mental health and happiness.

That is why Dr. Bill Howatt created the F-it model to help people who are feeling stuck in one part of their life to move from fear, failure, focus, finishing to flourishing. In this webinar, he will combine a unique blend of personal and professional experience to share what he learned that helped him move through one of his biggest personal life challenges. Dr. Bill will share a use-friendly non-clinical model for how we can improve our mental fitness.

We know that what stops us from making life better is fear, it can keep us parked in areas of our life for more time than we would like it to but what we also know is that what we believe is possible for ourselves will also come true, good or bad. Dr. Bill will inspire you to believe that we can move past fear when we are motivated, when we have a plan and when we are ready to move through the steps required to move from where we are to where we want to be.