Now Available: Virtual Classroom Training!

Service Hospitality has always been dedicated to providing quality, engaging, and easily accessible safety training. These things haven’t changed – or have they? COVID-19 has changed the way people all over the world are learning. Six months ago, it may have been relatively easy to gather a group of workers for a full day of safety training. As many are realizing, this simple idea from our very recent past, now poses many new challenges in today’s world.

In a time when health and safety is front and center on the world stage, the argument could be made that health and safety training for all workers is even more important than before. Do we find ourselves in a juxtaposition? With new hazards to identify and control, more responsibilities for OH&S Committees, and a heavier onus on employers to maintain a safe workplace, but less ability to congregate with our workers to share new information, how do we provide the training that everyone needs?

Service Hospitality has worked quickly and tirelessly to provide a solution. In an effort to ensure every worker is healthy and safe, but can still access the training they need, We now offer all of our regular in-person courses through virtual web-based training. This method of training allows participants to learn from anywhere and offers an interactive learning experience that shares many of the benefits of in-person training.

The ‘Your Safety Committee and the Law’ webinar series offered by Service Hospitality was outstanding! We coordinated a private session for a group of employees to learn together — it was absolutely perfect! The training was well organized and the facilitators were professional, knowledgeable and highly engaged; moreover, it was evident that Service Hospitality took the necessary time to carefully develop a professional training package. Online learning can be tough; this training kept everyone engaged in learning the whole time! Most importantly, it was relevant and customized to meet our unique needs.    

 -Michael Lavis, Executive Director of Creative Options Regina

Is the training live, or work at your own pace?

Instruction is provided in real-time by a live facilitator over an internet-based platform. Participants engage with the facilitator and one another through a live, open chat. Where appropriate, participants also have the opportunity to use their microphones and audio.

Is the training open to the public? Or can I book a private session for my organization?

Service Hospitality offers two different ways to experience virtual classroom training:

  • Virtual Classroom Training – Public. This is a session with participants from different organizations. All enrolled participants experience training via the same virtual classroom at the same time. A schedule is provided on the Service Hospitality website.

  • Virtual Classroom Training – Private. This is a session with multiple participants from a single organization. All enrolled participants experience training via the same virtual classroom at the same time.

Why choose Virtual Classroom Training?

Virtual Classroom Training offers more convenience for our employers. These interactive learning experiences provide the same benefits of in-person training, but with the ability to learn from anywhere and the added bonus of no mileage, and travel time (employees can go right back to work afterward), while maintaining physical distancing during COVID-19.

Can my employees actually learn in a Virtual Classroom Training environment?

Classroom engagement can still be fostered in a virtual classroom environment, as participants will all be in session at the same time, engaging online discussions via a chat forum, and interactive polls. This virtual environment allows participants to connect and learn from each other, all the while being guided by the instructor.

As an employer, how can I ensure my employees are engaged and learning the material?

Throughout our Virtual Classroom Training, we provide knowledge checks and interactive activities. At the end of each training session, all attendees must complete and pass a quiz before receiving their certificate. A full record of completion will also be sent to the coordinator/main contact.  

What to expect…

After scheduling your training, the coordinator will be sent a registration link to pass on to all participants. Each participant will be responsible for registering themselves. 24 hours and one hour prior to start time, an email will be sent to the participants with the link that will provide them access to our virtual classroom.

Can I attend on my phone or tablet?

Yes; however for the best experience it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop for training. Handouts provided during training will not be accessible if users are on mobile.

In this uncertain environment, it’s important that learning continues, even if it can’t happen in person. That’s why we’re providing access to learning resources, expert trainers and best practices until we can all get together – safely – again. For more information, contact a Service Hospitality advisor today!


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