Mental Health & Well Being Presentation

Did you know that every year an estimated 1.2 million Canadian children & youth are affected by mental illness?

In an effort to help create awareness the SHSA is pleased to announce our partnership with the Saskatchewan division of the Canadian Mental Health Association on promoting and providing awareness to youth surrounding managing their mental health & well-being. We have created a presentation to bring awareness to youth about anxiety and how it affects a person’s mental health.

What the presentation provides:
Explanation of anxiety & what it can look like
Symptoms of anxiety
Mental health coping skills
Personal stories from youth
Local Support Resources


To book your presentation, please contact:
Keri Rieger, Youth Safety Advisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 306-522-5499



 SHSAtv Presents: Episode 23 – The First Steps to Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is a hot topic these days, but what do you need to do as an organization? Join us as we provide you with a four-step plan to get you started. The integration of psychological health & safety into your safety management system doesn’t have to be complicated – just do what works for you!

Join SHSA’s Senior Advisor, Lisa Chavady with special guests:
Elizabeth Rankin-Horvath, CSA group project manager for the development of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace 
Rory McCorriston, Director of People & Culture with Creative Options Regina
Mandy Boersch, Director of Mental Health with Creative Options Regina 
Kristyn White, Creative Options Regina

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