Mental Health in the Workplace is a Real Concern…..Are You Prepared?

Are you looking for resources about mental health, psychological health and safety in the workplace, or techniques to handle a difficult situation? 

The SHSA has brought together industry professionals, like-minded organizations, and specialized groups to form the Mental Health Best Practice Group. Meeting approximately 3 times per year, this group discusses practices and policies and offers training and resources to help members promote employees’ psychological health and prevent psychological harm due to workplace factors.

Why join the group?

  • Share best practices with private, public, government, and non-profit organizations from across Saskatchewan

  • Learn more about when psychological injuries can be considered a Workers’ Compensation Board claim & how to manage them

  • In Canada, mental illness costs $20.7 billion per year in lost productivity alone. When health care costs are added in, that number jumps to $48.6 billion per year.

  • Like with physical safety, prevention is the best way to protect your employees and your organization

For more information, or to join the group,
please contact us

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