Mental Fitness 101

We tend to spend the majority of our time in the work setting, therefore it’s important to acknowledge the impact work has on our mental health. There are numerous factors that can influence a worker’s psychological health and safety in the workplace, one being work-life balance. Every worker is an individual with a professional and personal life and combining these two worlds together with different variables may weigh in on their workplace experience. It’s common to feel overwhelmed or stressed with the things going on in our lives. It’s important to acknowledge the stressors in your life to learn how to manage them and seek additional resources and support to eliminate them.

We live in a fast-paced world that makes it that much more important to check in with your mental fitness. Mental fitness is a state of psycho-social well-being; meaning having a positive outlook of how we feel, think, and act which enhances our quality of life. The Mental Fitness Index developed by Howatt HR Consulting is an educational tool used to analyze the employee experience in the workplace. The objective of this assessment is to determine variables that support or drain your mental fitness by asking questions regarding your health, productivity and workplace experience.

By participating in this free-access assessment an individualized report is provided upon completion of the survey and can be used for personal growth purposes. The mental health fitness index draws awareness to factors in your work experience that contribute to your charged mental fitness, strained mental fitness and drained mental fitness.

The results of the assessment are collected by Howatt HR for research purposes on psychological safety in the workplace. All data collected will remain anonymous and confidential.

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