Me Day at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School

In early February, we had the privilege of speaking at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School in Saskatoon. They organized and hosted a “Me Day” designed in connection to a personalized learning project for the Grade 8 students.

The students identified health issues of concern for kids in their community, such as gossiping, bullying, residential schools, sleep deprivation, divorce, body image, racism, procrastination, abuse, alcoholism, grief, self-esteem, and sexuality. Based on those issues, they created presentations, “TED” style talks, art performances and other activities to help students in the school learn and understand the topics.

Danielle Bachart, Safety Advisor, gave a presentation on Mental Health & Anxiety to 68, Grade 8 students. Several students spoke about how the Mental Health presentation helped to reassure and ease some of their anxieties and that it was nice to know they were not alone – that anxiety is normal.

To start off the Me Day event, Danielle presented to over 200 Grade 5 to 8 students in the school, parents and other attendees about anxiety.  She included some statistics and ways everyone can learn to cope with the stressors in their lives.

Did you know that we offer a Mental Health presentation? It has been developed to meet some of the school’s education curriculum requirements. You can find out more about the Mental Health presentation here!

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