HSLC Level 3

The HSLC, or Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate, is the highest standard for safety certification in Saskatchewan!

Level 3

Complete the training needed to maintain a health and safety management system for the property as well as to develop the systems required to control the work place hazards identified.

  1. Key employee(s) complete Occupational Health & Safety Management System Program Review Training (1/2 day).

  2. Key employee(s) complete Inspections & Investigations training (1/2 day).

  3. Key employee(s) complete Emergency Response Planning training  (1/2day).

  4. The property has completed a successful SHSA Perception Survey within the past 3 years.

  5. The property submits completed policy documents to the SHSA.

  6. Completion of HSLC Level 1 and Level 2

OHSMS Program Review Training/Maintenance


The best way to ensure the health and safety of all workers, contractors and visitors is to develop and maintain an effective health and safety management system.  Once this system is built and implemented it must be maintained.  This course will review administrative measures that are necessary to ensure your health and safety program remains current and effective.

This course will review:

  • Keeping health and safety records and reviewing statistics for trends

  • Regularly measuring the system’s effectiveness

  • Conducting management reviews of the program

  • Implementing continual improvements to the program

Recommended for:
-General Managers, Directors, Senior Managers, Human Resources, and safety professionals.


-2 hours

Inspections & Incident Investigations


How often does your organization conduct inspections?  Who conducts the inspections?  Do you investigate all incidents including near misses?  Combining truly proactive inspection processes with effective investigation tools allows the participants to uncover the root causes of workplace injuries.  Integration of these processes ensures the safety and quality of life for everyone within your organization.

This course will cover:

  • Direct, indirect, and root causes with the understanding of how to prevent all causes from occurring again

  • Injury prevention purpose of tracking incident statistics, including near miss reporting

  • How to complete an incident investigation report competently

  • Prepare, conduct and evaluate a workplace inspection

  • How to use your knowledge of ‘causes’ to determine corrective actions and controls for hazards found in the inspection process

Recommended for:
-Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources, Health & Safety Committee Members and anyone who wants to increase their injury prevention knowledge.

Approximate Duration:
-4 hours

Emergency Response Planning


Should an emergency occur in the workplace, immediate action is required to ensure the health and safety of employees, guests and the public. An emergency response plan must be in place for all potential emergencies that could impact your property.

The course will cover:

  • why employers need to develop an Emergency Response Plan

  • who to involve

  • how to identify the possible emergencies that could occur at your site

  • how to develop and implement a plan

Recommended for:
-General Managers, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Health & Safety Committee Members and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of workplace health and safety.


-5 hours (half day)

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