Hotel, Liquor & Restaurant Conference and Tradeshow

Last week, the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA) and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority’s (SLGA) Conference & Trade Show, rocked Regina! The morning was filled with many informative sessions including, Meet the Regulators, Millennials/Gen Z “Feeding the Future”, and Hotel Security – are you covered? Laura Bence, Safety Advisor with Service Hospitality, presented to attendees about Youth Safety Education Day 2019, the Mental Health Best Practice Group, Psychological Health and Safety Audits as well as Service Hospitality’s Rebrand!



The afternoon housed a fantastic trade show with 75 different liquor vendors and many exhibitors that supply goods and services to the hospitality industry. Service Hospitality was actively discussing and advocating the various services and training offered to the hospitality and service industries.

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association on 88 years of service!

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