Hear from National Safety Leader Keynote Speakers – Keeping Youth and Vulnerable Workers Safe in the New Economy

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Between globalization, technological advances, and demographic shifts the working world is in a constant state of evolution.  Due to these continuing challenges, employers must adapt their workplaces to this new economy. Tune into the free recorded webinar on Keeping Youth and Vulnerable Workers Safe in the New Economy. 


George Marshall
Chief Executive Officer of Service Hospitality 

He focuses in on one very specific aspect in detail, changing safety culture.  Even more specifically, he discusses the importance of partnerships and collaboration to provide a continuum of youth safety education to proactively change the mindsets of future workers (youth and newcomers to Canada). He does this by telling the Service Hospitality story, here in Saskatchewan.

He has spent 15 years working for private industry and government, spending the last 10 years in a senior leadership role with two different industry safety associations. 

He has and continues to successfully lead our team in reaching over 60,000 individuals and reducing the most injuries in one year alone through education and training. 

Ron Kelusky
Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer within the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development 

His leadership experience spans the public, private and Not-For-Profit sectors including as president and CEO of the Public Services Health and Safety Association and Director-General with the Canadian Red Cross. He addresses occupational health and safety by establishing a provincial strategy, setting province-wide training and safety program standards, and working with Ontario’s health and safety system partners to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Presented by Minerva and the Conference Board’s Health and Safety Leadership Centre (HSLC), they brought in top national safety leaders together including our very own Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George Marshall! Join George and Ron Kelusky, Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development as they present their innovative visions and practical solutions in helping to keep youth safe in our new economy. 

So, how do you differentiate yourself in this new world? Watch this free webinar now to hear tips on the issues to consider when attracting and retaining young and new workers:

  • Focuses in on changing safety culture 

  • Keeping Youth Safe…The Service Hospitality Story 

  • Ensuring healthy, diverse and respectful work environments

  • A focus on occupational safety and health injuries (workers new to a job are 3 times more likely to be injured in their first month than experienced workers)

  • Resources to manage stressful working conditions

  • Consideration for work-life conflict

  • Training & mentorship programs

  • Purposeful work with a visible career path

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