Health & Safety Pays – And We Have The Proof!

A healthy and safe business makes good sense and good cents. We often hear about reduced costs, both financial and human, for organizations who have strong Safety Management Systems. But where is the proof for such a bold statement?

Well, Service Hospitality crunched the numbers for you. In Saskatchewan, there are approximately 4100 employers within the Hospitality and Community Service industries (rate codes S21, S22 and S23). Our mission as a safety association is to decrease injuries and injury-related costs within these industries, by working with employers who need a helping hand with their safety management systems.

By the end of 2020, we found that employers who actively engaged in Service Hospitality’s training, consultation, and other services decreased injuries within their organizations 9% faster than the total industry. This means that by consulting with our skilled and knowledgeable advisors and working through our Health and Safety Leadership Certificate program these businesses were able to turn the ship around faster and improve their injury numbers year over year much more efficiently.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Injury reduction is key to a healthy workplace, but we all know the financial impact of these injuries can be detrimental. However, the impact was far less detrimental for many of our employers. The businesses who engaged with Service Hospitality, and more specifically, participated in the Claims Management program, decreased claim costs 66% faster compared to the total industry.

Service Hospitality is here to support all businesses within the Hospitality and Community Service industries. If you fall into the S21, S22 or S23 rate code, you’re already a member! We have the programs and tools you need to improve your safety management system and rapidly reduce costs and injuries – we have the proof!


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