HSLC Program

Helping Organizations Achieve The Highest Standard for Safety Certification!

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through the process of developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System, and to empower you to create a corporate safety culture that will improve the way you do business! HSLC is the national standard for health and safety leadership with four levels of certification in each stream. We provide the guidance you need to create a system that controls hazards and prevents injuries. 

Through consultation, evaluations and training, we make sure that your safety management system is not just a dusty pile of documents – but a complete, effective system. Progressing through each level of HSLC, your organization will achieve increased recognition and improved health and safety processes.

HSLC Streams are now fully integrated with Psychological Health and Safety! The first of its kind in Saskatchewan. Service Hospitality has taken safety to the next level, by integrating psychological health and safety throughout our HSLC program (training, evaluation, and resources).

Contact a safety advisor and begin your journey today!

DID YOU KNOW? Due to workplace injuries, the average employer is paying 30% MORE in associated costs than they need to be? 

Achieving HSLC will improve your safety management system and: 

*Protect your employees from potential injuries, illnesses, and fatalities
*Protect yourself and your business from prosecution, fines and tickets
*Reduce your WCB premiums
*Reduce employee turnover and retain quality staff
*Improve employee morale, productivity, and customer experience 

We are here to help you step by step — we are your roadmap to safety!

All training and services are run by our Safety Advisors. Your organization will work with one dedicated Advisor through the lifetime of your HSLC journey to ensure you are given the customized attention and expertise required. We offer the flexibility your business needs to achieve its HSLC goals! All training and consultations are offered in-person or virtually, on your schedule and in a private setting in order to facilitate the most open and conducive dialogue with your employees. 

Check out our HSLC Streams for Community Services, Hospitality and our General Stream:

SARC works in the community services sector to provide services to non-profit organizations supporting people within their community to live life to their fullest potential. In partnership with SARC, the HSLC Community Services Stream provides efficiencies and risk-specific training options for joint customers in the community service industry. Find out more below: 

Click to view the HSLC: Community Services Stream! 

Tourism Saskatchewan provides education and training to help strengthen Saskatchewan’s tourism and hospitality sector. In partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan, The HSLC: Hospitality Stream provides efficiencies and risk-specific training options for joint customers in the hospitality industry. Find out more below: 

Click to view the HSLC: Hospitality Stream!

If you are an employer in an industry outside of hospitality & community services, in the province of Saskatchewan, you have legislative obligations. This stream is for you! Find out more below: 

Click to view the HSLC: General Stream!


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