Have you reviewed your policies & procedures?

Over the past week, Service Hospitality reviewed its policies and procedures with each member of our team. An annual review of policies and procedures is a great refresher for the team and as a best practice, should be completed each year. This communication allows us (the employees) the time to ask questions about the previous year and identify any deficiencies in our safety management system.

Ask yourself, as an employer, when was the last time you reviewed your policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures are the foundation of every safety management system in the workplace. Each workplace varies in its individual policies and procedures, however, there are some that are required by legislation. Do you know what ones are required by law?

Do you have a…

       Health & Safety Policy?

       Harassment Policy?

       Violence Policy?

       Working Alone Policy?

Just to name a few of the required ones…

When ensuring you have an adequate health & safety program you will see the benefits throughout your workplace. One of the benefits of a successful health and safety program is that they are known to decrease injuries in the workplace. There is a reduction in time lost due to injuries and you can avoid associated costs such as overtime, retraining and wages paid to other workers who stopped their work to help or assisted after the incident.

How can Service Hospitality assist you?

With our Safety Evaluation, we can help you update your policies and procedures to stay compliant with the law! 

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