Harassment Contravention Prevention – Safety & Health Week 2022

One of the most important aspects of Safety and Health Week is awareness. This year, to recognize and support Safety and Health week and our industries we will be highlighting the importance of following Occupational Health & Safety legislation by discussing some of the top 10 OH&S Contraventions issued in Saskatchewan in 2021 in the community service and hospitality businesses. Below you will find out more about OH&S Regulation 3-25 – Harassment: 

Did you know harassment was ranked one of the top ten contraventions issued in 2021 for employers in the S21, S22, and S23 rate codes? Not only was it ranked top 10 in 2021, but it has also been high on the contravention list since 2016.

Every worker is entitled to employment free of harassment and as an employer, you have the legal responsibility in ensuring a harassment-free workplace exists. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020 Section 3-25 states that employers, in consultation with the Committee shall develop a policy in writing to prevent harassment. Key items that must be outlined within the policy:

  1. a definition of harassment

  2. a statement that every worker is entitled to employment free of harassment

  3. commitment that you as an employer will make a reasonably practicable effort to ensure no worker is subjected to harassment

  4. commitment that you as an employer will take necessary corrective actions

  5. an explanation of how complaints of harassment may be brought forward to the employer

  6. a statement that the employer will not disclose the name of the complainant or the alleged harasser or the circumstances of the complaint unless it is necessary for the purpose of investigating the complaint or taking correction actions, or is required by law

  7. the worker’s right to request the assistance of an occupational health officer to resolve the complaint of harassment

  8. a reference to the provisions of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code respecting discriminatory practices and the worker’s right to file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

  9. a description of the procedure(s) the employer will follow to inform the complainant and the alleged harasser of the results found from the investigation

  10. a statement that the harassment policy is not intended to discourage or prevent the complainant from exercising any other legal rights pursuant to any other law

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to create and implement this policy. A copy of the policy shall be posted in a conspicuous place that is readily available to workers.

Workplace harassment is not something to overlook or be forgotten about. Not only is it one of the top contraventions for our industry, but it can also end businesses and ruin lives.

Click HERE to access our Harassment Policy Template!


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