Guest Article – Working Well: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Bridges Heath has been evolving in health and prevention strategies for 20 years.  The most prevalent topic facing employers today is that of mental health, and one we are proud to be on top of.

1 in 4 employees report excessive stress in their jobs; and Bill 39 is going to be a game changer for many organizations.  We are finding many employers wondering: “what do we do now?”

The key is prevention, open communication, and a “top down” support mechanism for the recognizance of mental health and the support of such in the workplace.

On the ground floor, immediate results are seen with the certification of managers in Mental Health First Aid. The time and cost investment are minimal and feedback outstanding on the practical take-away’s that could at a minimum, prevent mental health time loss claims and at best, save a life.

On a strategic level the Canadian Safety Association has published the “Standards” for organizations to evaluate and course correct operational and organizational risk points for psychological health and safety in the workplace.  A comprehensive and detailed protocol; internal specialists, increased workloads and budgetary restraints in a plateauing economy may pose barriers for the evaluation let alone implementation.

A double edged sword, as employers feel the effects of Bill 39, rising WCB costs and lost productivity due to time loss, prevention is the only way.

Bridges Health has created programming to bridge the gap between organizations undeveloped programs, looming legislation and lack of time between them.  With minimal investment in resources from an organization, MINDfull facilitates the “Standards” and provides employers with a complex snapshot of strengths and risks stemming from mental health in the workplace.

Recommendations are made to provide you with a platter of quick wins combined with long term strategic enhancements.

Employee engagement has never looked like this before.

And, if you aren’t sure how to develop solutions to the identified risk factors, Bridges has you covered there too.  From a la carte management training on mental health awareness, critical conversations, performance managing mental health, to full blown programs offering attendance support, workplace injury management, job demands analysis, ergonomics, and more.

We can do it for you, or teach you how.  Just as they say in mental health awareness campaigns, someone is always there to listen, and help. #letstalk


Author: Adelle Stewart, Director of Operations, Bridges Health

Bridges Health

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