George Marshall Has Raised-The-Bar . . . Again!

Congratulations go out from all of us at the Service & Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA) to our CEO, Mr. George Marshall for successfully completing the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) Program in conjunction with the Rotman School of Business (University of Toronto).  This was the second ever program for directors offered in Saskatchewan.

For many years the SHSA maintained a board with the average participation of between fifteen and sixteen years and we are forever grateful for their long term commitment.  This compares to today’s board that consists mainly of members having from one to two years of experience.  Consequently a search was made for the best training possible which in turn would allow George to take and retain the knowledge to pass along and ensure our board continues to be the best it could possibly be.

The program participants took in a mixture of course lectures and case studies.  However, the real course value came from those participating in the classroom.  Thirty five top dignitaries and leaders in Saskatchewan from all aspects including publicly traded, private, public, and non-profit companies were learning from each other.  On top of this, professional board lecturers were flown in for each training session.  As George surmised, this was the best training that Canada could possibly provide for board members.

Although Mr. Marshall received his certificate of completion as above, he is in the midst of completing an ICD.D (Institute of Corporate Directors) designation.  George’s last examination will be written in February, 2017.  Beyond that, he has committed to the fifteen credit hours per year to maintain this same designation.

Mr. Marshall has taken the SHSA to new heights of professionalism inside the fast paced and ever changing world of safety in the work place.

Our hats are off (again) to George Marshall!


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