General Stream

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) is designed to lead your organization through the process of developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System, and to empower you to create a corporate safety culture that will improve the way you do business! 

Introducing the HSLC: General Stream! 

WHAT is the HSLC program? 

HSLC is the national standard for health and safety leadership with four levels of certification. We provide the guidance you need to create a system that controls hazards and prevents injuries. Each level has been fully integrated with psychological health and safety and contains required training plus electives to build your safety management system based on your organization’s individual needs. 

WHO is the HSLC: General Stream for? 

If you are an employer in an industry outside of hospitality & community services in the province of Saskatchewan, you have legislative obligations. This stream is for you! 

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Helping Organizations Achieve the Highest Standard for Safety Certification

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General Stream – Level 1 

Start the development of an effective Safety Management System by establishing management’s commitment to the process and taking a baseline measure of the organization’s health and safety culture. 

Level 1 Application Form

General Stream – Level 2

Build the Foundation of a Safety Management System. Use conducted hazard assessments to improve proactive processes such as workplace inspections and staff training. 

Required Training:   

* Key employee(s) complete Hazard Assessment & Control training

* Key employee(s) complete Qualifications, Orientation & Training

* Key employee(s) complete Workplace Inspections training

Any One Elective: 

* Key employee(s) complete Psychological Health & Safety for Hospitality Level 1 – Frontline Workers

* Key employee(s) complete Harassment Prevention in Hospitality: Beyond the Policy

* Key employee(s) complete Transfer Lifting Repositioning (TLR)  (SARC)(or equivalent) 

* Key employee(s) complete Approved Mental Health training (see table at bottom)

*Risk-based training of a comparable level

Other Requirements:

* The property’s formal hazard assessments have been completed within the last year or reviewed within the last year

The following documents are completed and in place at the property:

           *Workplace Inspections Policy

           * Property-specific Inspection form(s) and report template(s)

           * Property-specific Training and Orientation Policy

           * Job-specific Training Checklist(s)

Level 2 Application Form – General Stream

General Stream – Level 3

Enable your Safety Management System to react swiftly. Take the training needed to develop the systems required to control the workplace hazards identified and maintain a health and safety management system for the organization.

Required Training:   

*Key employee(s) complete Incident Reporting & Investigation training

*Key employee(s) complete Claims Management training 

Any Two Electives: 

* Key employee(s) complete Psychological Health & Safety for Hospitality Level 2 – Supervisors/Managers

* Key employee(s) complete Emergency Response Planning training

* Key employee(s) complete Needles and Infectious Bodily Fluids training

* Key employee(s) complete Professional Assault Response Training (PART) (SARC) or equivalent 

* Key employee(s) complete Approved Mental Health Training (see table at bottom)

Other Requirements: 

*  Job-specific hazard training provided to 80% of all staff.  Training must cover job-specific hazards as identified in the Formal Hazard Assessments completed in Level 2

The organization completed the required policies and procedures:

*Incident Reporting and Investigation Policy(s)

*Incident Reporting/ Incident Investigation Procedures

*Incident Report form

*Incident Investigation form

*Modified Work (or Return to Work) Program

Level 3 Application Form – General Stream

General Stream – Level 4

Take the final step and conduct a Health & Safety Audit. To bring your organization up to the gold standard! 

  • The organization successfully completes a Health & Safety Scored Audit.

Level 4 Application Form




To retain all levels of HSLC, the following must be maintained: 

*The current General Manager (Senior Manager) must have completed the Health & Safety Leadership training at all levels of certification.  The intent of this seminar is to expose senior management to training that will explain the importance of health and safety to their business.  It is designed to ensure senior managers understand their responsibilities for the safety of their workers, the repercussions of not meeting these responsibilities, and the basic systems they must implement.

** For all Level 2 & Level 3 training programs, key staff are required to attend.  This includes those who will be overseeing and/or carrying out the relevant function.  For example, for Workplace Inspections, those responsible for Inspections must complete the training.

*The organization has completed a Safety Evaluation within the past 3 years.

** Approved Mental Health Training


To qualify for credit

Psychological Risk Factors in the Workplace – Understanding the 13 Psychosocial Factors

50% of key staff

Mental Health First Aid

25% of supervisory staff, or;

One certified worker on shift at all times

The Working Mind: Employee

50% of key staff

The Working Mind: Manager

75% of all supervisory staff

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

25% of supervisory staff or;

One certified worker on shift at all times

UFred Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace – Advanced Certificate

100% of key staff (Executive Safety Champion)

Courses of a comparable nature may be considered