FREE Safety in Schools Certificate Training

Did you know your high school students can receive FREE health and safety certification through their school and our organization?

The SHSA and Safety in Schools formed a partnership to provide high school teachers & students with FREE training covering Saskatchewan legislation, resulting in safety certification. Workplace safety training is essential for students to learn BEFORE they even enter the workforce, so they are aware of the hazards in the workplace and their basic rights.

Some of the courses available, based on Saskatchewan legislation, are:

Hazard Recognition – 2hr course 

Personal Protective Equipment – 1 hr course

Job Safety Analysis – 1 hr course

Fall Protection – 2hr course

Properly providing youth with information, education and tools to ready themselves for their future work environments, helps create the shift in reducing workplace injuries. We all need to focus on moving towards ZERO injuries and sending everyone home safely at the end of the day. Many schools in Saskatchewan have jumped on board! What are you waiting for?


If you are interested in implementing any of the Safety in Schools’ programs into your classroom or facility, please contact a safety advisor to register today!


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