FREE Full Safety Evaluations!

There are so many components to a Safety Management System – how do you know your organization has covered it all? From determining compliance standards to implementing best practices, there’s a lot of ground to cover. 

Service Hospitality is here to make the process easier! Whether you are just beginning to build your Safety Management System, or are looking for a second set of eyes on your existing system, our free Full Safety Evaluation service can help.

Safety Evaluations are conducted by a Service Hospitality Safety Advisor at your place of business. This is ONE of the requirements in obtaining your HSLC Level 1 Certificate, for more information, click here.  Through the Safety Evaluation, an Advisor will collect employee feedback through an online survey, review your safety documentation, and complete a tour of the premises.  These activities must be guided by someone in your organization, but no preparation work is required.  The average timeline for evaluation is 3 – 5 hours, depending on the size/complexity of the operation and the number of workers.

Following the on-site evaluation, the Safety Advisor will create a report based on the findings and present the recommendations to you in the form of an Action Plan.  This Action Plan will outline a list of actions for you to take internally, such as the creation of policies, development of an OH&S Committee, or putting labels on your chemical bottles. Training that has been identified as beneficial will also be recommended – though all training programs are voluntary.  

Service Hospitality will continue to support you beyond the Action Plan presentation and throughout your Safety Management System implementation or update journey!

For more information or to book your free Safety Evaluation, contact us!

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