First to Reach the HSLC Finish Line; Congratulations Cosmo Industries!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Cosmopolitan Industries has achieved HSLC Level 4, making them the first community-based organization in Saskatchewan to achieve this accolade!

Their journey began in 2018 when Executive Director, Sharlene Duquette, committed the organization to achieve health and safety excellence. They quickly accomplished HSLC Level 1 and have continued to work towards each certification level, growing and improving their Safety Management System along the way.

Each HSLC level had Cosmo Industries working through various safety training, policy and procedure updates and creating a safety culture that is forefront in their everyday operations. This has resulted in a safety-centered culture within their organization both with their employees and their participants. Since 2017, Cosmo Industries has seen a 69% decrease in workplace injuries and an even larger decrease in their injury-related costs.

The team at Cosmo Industries had this to say about their HSLC journey…

“What an achievement it has been to get to this point! It has truly been a team effort and full cooperation to complete each level to reach our final goal. 

The safety advisors at Service Hospitality were absolutely great to work with and helped Cosmo achieve this high level of safety certification. Their flexibility with in-person and online training sessions, even during COVID-19, allowed Cosmo to continue toward its goal of reaching Level 4. Once some of the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, our Level 4 audit was completed. We had the honor of having George Marshall come and present us with our Level 4 certificate on July 9, 2021.

Achieving our HSLC Certificates is an accomplishment our Cosmo Team is very proud of. We all know it was a team effort to reach this milestone and it will be a team effort going forward to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. The support and encouragement received from Service Hospitality were also integral to our success. Thank you!”

Service Hospitality is proud to play a part in the improvement of Cosmo Industries’ health and safety program and looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success in their health and safety journey.

Congratulations Cosmopolitan Industries!

Collectively we all can make a difference to ensure the health and safety of everyone remains a priority.  We are committed to this every day!” Sharlene Duquette, Executive Director, Cosmo Industries

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