First HSLC Level 1 Complete! The First … of Many!

Congratulations to Sharlene Duquette and her team at Cosmopolitan Industries for being the first to complete the Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Level 1!

Back row (left to right): Carey Teichroeb, Ken Gryschuk, Darryl Sarauer, David Troesch,

Front row (left to right): Sharlene Duquette, Joanne Corniere, Randine Graf, Denise Young, Barry Teichroeb

Absent: Heather Cone

Senior Advisor, Lisa Chavady presenting our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) to Sharlene Duquette of Cosmopolitan Industries 

“All of us at Cosmo are committed to ensuring that each and every one of us works safely.  To assist us on this continuous journey of learning we are very pleased to have signed up with Service Hospitality for the Health & Safety Leadership Certificate program.  We know safety requires our consistent attention each and every day.  Our organization and staff are committed to working in a safe work environment that will result in a safer, healthier and prosperous community.  We are pleased to have completed Level 1 of the HSLC Program and we currently are working to complete the remaining levels.  We are very much aware that safety is a continual learning process and at times not always an easy one; however, we know it is critical to the safety of all.  We have been very fortunate to have Service Hospitality offer such a valuable program that is delivered by knowledgeable and skilled staff such as Lisa Chavady.   Lisa delivers the content of the program in an easy to learn manner with incredible professionalism.  We are very proud to have committed to the HSLC Program and encourage you to consider it to ensure that all of your employees have the tools and knowledge to work and go home safe and injury-free.”

– Sharlene Duquette, Executive Director, Cosmopolitan Industries

The HSLC started as the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate but has since been expanded to a separate, but similar, certification for those employers who do not work directly in hospitality.  The Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is made up of four levels of certification, with each one helping the organization to build their safety management system.  Because there is recognition at each level, an organization can choose to do a few, or as many, of the levels as they choose. This is a fitting accomplishment, after receiving the Service Hospitality’s highest honour, the Safety Centered Leadership Award, in 2016.  Under the leadership of Sharlene, Cosmopolitan Industries continues to be a champion of safety.
Cosmopolitan Industries’ is now busy celebrating their successful completion of Level 1 and have already completed the training component for Level 2.  For more information about the HSLC program, and what is included in each level, please visit our HSLC page.


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