ESL Pilot Program for Health & Safety

ESL Pilot Program for Health & Safety

Adults who have English as a second language, are at a greater risk of workplace fatalities and injuries than the average worker due to their inability to understand the workplace health and safety information adequately. These learners include limited English proficient, non-English, foreign born, and young workers.

For all workers, a major risk factor for workplace injuries is the lack of health and safety training. If there are cultural or language barriers, then special training techniques are required which include using hands on participation techniques and translation methods.

The SHSA has created an ESL program to help ESL students learn about health and safety in their workplace as well as their rights and responsibilities. The program uses learner-centered activities so students can use their experiences to engage with the material. These activities encourage discussions that will aid in their English language skills. By using this program, students will learn to develop and identify strategies to address workplace health and safety scenarios.

This program is an excellent resource for ESL teachers and the presentation portion can be used by employers to help orientate their workers and assist them in understanding their workplace safety rights and responsibilities.


For more information on this ESL program, visit our website under the resources tab where you will find an outline of the presentation that reaches all levels of learners. Contact us at [email protected] for more details and access to all the activities that accompany the presentation.




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