Do you have Newcomers working for you?

Recently, Service Hospitality joined the inaugural Working Group for the Immigration Partnership Saskatoon – Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP). The Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS) is designed to improve the integration of newcomers to Saskatoon and to strengthen the ability to better address the needs of our newcomers.

The Working Group will foster a systematic approach to engage service provider organizations and institutions to integrate newcomers and immigrants. Through the support of the community, a strategic plan and a coordination of efforts, the working groups will help bridge the gap and eliminate the barriers that surround newcomers in finding meaningful employment.

With Jim Bence, President & CEO of Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association, as co-chair of the Meaningful Employment Working Group, the service and hospitality industry will be a part of leading the way to make this change for our newcomers.

From 2011 to 2016, 1.2 million new immigrants permanently settled in Canada, with 47,935 of them choosing Saskatchewan and over 18,000 calling Saskatoon home. According to IPS, it is estimated that Canada needs 350,000 newcomers annually by 2035 to meet its workforce needs. The LIP Partnership will help make the transitioning process easier for newcomers settling in Saskatoon by helping them find that first job in Canada and equipping them with the skills they need to make that job permanent.

41% of newcomers will get their first job in the service & hospitality industry. 

  • Are you prepared as an employer to help assist newcomers in their transition to employment?

  • Have you recently hired newcomers and would like to make sure they are aware of an employees’ safety responsibilities?

Service Hospitality can help you! Our Introduction to Workplace Safety for Newcomers is just one service we offer to provide awareness and education about workplace safety.  Another great way to make sure you are prepared is to complete a Full Safety Evaluation with one of our Safety Advisors.

For more information on training, contact Service Hospitality today.


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