Culinary Arts Camp

The SHSA had the pleasure of presenting at one of the Regina District Industry Education Council’s Summer Skills Camp – Culinary Arts this week. This specific camp was put on in partnership with Miller High School and Skills Canada Saskatchewan!

Under the supervision of Chef Martin Turcotte, students from grades 7-9 came to learn more about teamwork, leadership, culinary knowledge, meal prep and kitchen safety. We were able to present to the students some basic safety knowledge, kitchen safety skills, as well as their rights in the workplace as young workers.

Youth are the most at risk for injury on the job. Over 45% of young people between the ages of 15-24 will experience a workplace injury in this province and more than 50% of these injuries will occur in the first 6 months. Young workers are THREE times more likely to me injured on the job and represent a MAJOR portion of workers in the service and hospitality industry – so we are on a mission to change these startling statistics. As a young worker you have rights in the workplace! You have The Right to Know. The Right to Participate & The Right to Refuse. You can find out more about the 3 basic rights, here!

A quick tour of the culinary areas displayed the high safety standards that the Miller Culinary Program has! There were many signs posted throughout the many areas students utilize, indicating health and safety practice requirements. There is a great standard being set for these new and young workers!

The SHSA is dedicated to educating and bringing safety awareness to youth. We offer educational presentations for grade 6’s and grade 8’s. We also provide teacher accessible high school training programs which allow high school youth to complete a certificate producing course, while still in high school (in partnership with Safety in Schools)! We also have lots of other youth related safety information, such as, the Young Workers Readiness Certificate.

For more information on young workers, click here!



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