Creating a Fun and Safe Environment for our Children Amidst COVID-19

The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan has officially been launched and the province is trying to return to life as we knew it before COVID-19. The reopening has thankfully come in time for us to enjoy the wonderful activities that summer days have to offer. However, participating in annual family reunions or trips to the local pool might look a little different this year.

How do we take part in family favorite past times or simply engage in our regular routines while being mindful of the ongoing pandemic?  What can we do to assist our children in following the safety guidelines for COVID-19 while still letting them enjoy the pleasures of summer?  

First, we do not need to be fearful but instead, we need to be cautious and prepared. Becoming prepared may involve educating ourselves and our children on the safety procedures to follow to avoid catching or spreading the virus. This includes helping our children develop proper hygiene habits, while also making them aware of the steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We can also consider the risk levels attached to various activities, for example, outdoor activities are less risky than indoor activities. Of course, no activity which involves contact with others is going to be one hundred percent safe. That said, it is also important to stay active and enjoy your favorite summer activities. In these cases, we want to ensure that we are taking the appropriate hygiene and physical distancing measures to decrease the likelihood of transmission. These include:

  1. Washing your hands often and properly is the single most effective way to stop the spread of disease. 

  2. Bring hand sanitizer along on your daily trips to ensure hands are always free of bacteria.

  3. Store a container of disinfectant wipes in your vehicle to use if you visit a high-risk location.

  4. Wash clothing after attending events where contact with others occurs.

  5. Call ahead to make appointments and ask what safety precautions their business is implementing.

  6. Demonstrate or explain physical distancing and proper hygiene behaviour in a way that your child will understand.

Clearly, we cannot keep an eye on our children at all times, and for those of us who have returned to our physical work locations, we may be especially concerned about their safety while we are away. We are here to help, Service Hospitality has created a series of resources to support children in knowing how to be safe at home.

Finally, if your child is feeling anxious about going into public places or returning to school in the fall, check out our mental health resources available for youth. They contain valuable information in the form of activities and posters, as well as our recently developed Let’s Talk Anxiety YouTube video.

When the schools reopen in September, we will continue to deliver our Grade 8 Mental Health – Anxiety presentation to students throughout Saskatchewan. If you are in need of mental health information for your child before school starts, you can register your child for our online version of the Mental Health – Anxiety presentation by contacting us at [email protected].

For more information on activities and risk levels regarding COVID-19, you can visit the below links:

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