COVID-19: Province Introduces Unpaid Job Protected Leave

Many workers are worried about losing their jobs if forced into isolation due to Covid-19 or having to stay home to look after their children out of school and daycare. Now there is a law stating no one can be fired due to the outbreak.

Two days ago, The Government of Saskatchewan amended the Saskatchewan Employment Act to guarantee residents access to unpaid job-protected leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is primarily aimed at workers who are not protected by union or employer policies.

“We want to thank workers across Saskatchewan for everything they do,” Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said. “No one should lose their job for continuing to prioritize health and safety during this public health emergency.”

Amendments to the act included:

-The introduction of a new unpaid public health emergency leave that can be accessed in a public health emergency and when the province issues an order to take measures to reduce the spread

-Removing the need for a doctor’s note

-Removal of the requirement of 13 consecutive weeks of employment with the employer before accessing sick leave

Amendments will come into effect retroactively on March 6th.

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