Congratulations to Our Latest HSLC Recipients!

Earlier this year, Canalta Food Services achieved their HSLC Level 1 for 15 of the A&W locations. We are pleased to announce that three additional A&W areas have completed their HSLC Level 1! This total of 18 HSLC Level 1 certification was achieved at one organization in one year during a global pandemic. Talk about an IMPRESSIVE achievement!

Way to go, Canalta Food Services; keep up the great work!

We want to recognize the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires South Saskatchewan and their commitment to improving workplace health and safety. This private, self-supporting, not-for-profit organization provides outstanding security and security-related services to federal and provincial facilities, municipalities and police services, air and seaports, private sector organizations, utilities and commercial buildings and homes across the country. Please join us in congratulating Commissionaires South Saskatchewan on achieving HSLC Level 1!

We look forward to continuing our work with the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires South Saskatchewan and helping them achieve new heights in workplace health and safety!

CHEERS to a FANTASTIC organization that has taken its SAFETY to the next level… 

The Gold Eagle Lodge has reached new heights in its safety management system by being the FIRST organization to receive HSLC Level 3 – Hospitality Streams.

Since beginning its journey in 2018, with its achievement of HSLC Level 1, the North Battleford hotel remained determined to improve its safety culture by completing further activities with Service Hospitality, including safety evaluations, training, and consultation. This September, the Gold Eagle Lodge was recognized for their continued dedication and hard work by receiving HSLC Level 2, and they continued that safety push! Motivated and determined, General Manager Kelly Fluney and her team reached level 3, wrapping up an amazing year in changing their safety culture and protecting workers from getting hurt.

Big Shout Out and Huge Congratulations to Kelly and her team!! 

Want to learn more about how our HSLC Hospitality Stream can improve the safety of your business and ultimately change your business for the better: CLICK HERE!

With four required training levels plus electives, our HSLC Hospitality Stream, in partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan, guarantees you will meet the Saskatchewan legislative obligations and MORE!

Level 1 will take you through developing an effective Safety Management System by establishing management’s commitment to the process and taking a baseline of the organization’s health and safety culture.

Level 2 will build the Foundation of a Safety Management System along with an elective:

Psychological Health & Safety for Hospitality Level 1 – Frontline Workers or Harassment Prevention in Hospitality: Beyond the Policy.

Level 3 will enable your Safety Management System to reach swiftly, along with any two electives of :

Psychological Health & Safety for Hospitality Level 2 – Supervisors/Managers
Emergency Response Planning
Needles and Infectious Bodily Fluids,
Service First for the Taxi Industry (STEC)
Risk Management for your Event (STEC)

Level 4 will take the final step and conduct a Health & Safety Audit. To bring your organization up to the gold standard!


Take the first step today!


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