Congratulations to K-Bro Linen Systems for achieving HSLC Level 2!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that K-Bro Linen Systems has achieved HSLC Level 2.

Jackie Belanger, General Manager at K-Bro, along with her team have worked diligently to improve the organization’s workplace safety culture. Due to the dedication of management and staff, K-Bro was able to decrease injuries by 68% from 2019 to 2020, all while remaining fully operational during the height of Covid-19. Talk about an impressive achievement!

HSLC or the Health & Safety Leadership Certificate program is a Service Hospitality initiative that recognizes and rewards employers who develop and implement sustainable occupational health and safety programs. HSLC exceeds provincial requirements by taking a “best practices” approach to health and safety. Organizations who achieve HSLC Levels 1 through 4 – which involves standards for documentation, participation in training, and an on-site evaluation are proven to see decreases in both workplace injuries and their associated costs.


We look forward to continuing our work with K-Bro Linen Systems and helping them achieve new heights in workplace health and safety!

We want to personally thank you for your commitment to health and safety and for being leaders throughout your industry!

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