Cannabis at Work: One Year Later

Will cannabis – medical or recreational have a positive or negative impact on the workplace? 

The cannabis industry is just getting off the ground in Canada and it has already become a major part of our economy and also has started impacting our workplaces. Employers should not ignore the negative consequences cannabis may bring to their workplaces. Did you know, approx. 514,000 Canadian workers, representing roughly 13% of the country’s cannabis users, used cannabis before or during work in the first few months of 2019?

What does this mean for YOUR organization? 

Employers need to consider whether increased cannabis consumption can have a negative impact on employees’ health, safety and productivity. The industry is growing and employers have a responsibility to keep their staff SAFE. The best way to get started is to be informed. 

The Conference Board of Canada and The Globe and Mail, under the leadership of Dr. Bill Howatt, are partnering to explore the relationship between career success and cannabis use. Employers and employees (both recreational and medical cannabis users, as well as non-cannabis users) are invited to participate in this study. The data from these surveys will be aggregated and used to create a report that will be presented Oct. 15, 2019, at the CANNABIS AT WORK: ONE YEAR LATER Conference at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto. More details about the Conference can be found here.

For the Conference, they are looking to feature organizations that have implemented interesting or innovative practices related to cannabis education or policy change, or those who have perhaps encountered challenges that they’d like to discuss.


Please participate in the below survey’s & share!

Employee survey

Employer survey

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