Are Your Employees Returning to a Safe Workplace?

Throughout the province, and as the Saskatchewan Re-Open Plan evolves, organizations remain at varying levels of operations.  For some, their doors have never closed, they have adjusted, re-adjusted, and re-adjusted again to respond to the ever-changing requirements.  For others, their doors are still closed, and they eagerly await a re-open date from the province.  And for many others, their reality is somewhere in between – operating at 50% capacity, gradually bringing workers back to work, starting to see a trickle of customers re-entering the stores. 

There are many new realities arising from COVID-19, but the health and safety of your employees should be, now more than ever, the number one priority as you get back to work. 


In order to assuage fears and confidently offer a healthy and safe workplace, consider calling Service Hospitality to conduct a Safety Evaluation of your workplace.  This evaluation will highlight all areas of your safety management system where there are gaps that need to be filled.  A Safety Evaluation allows you to walk the floor with a Service Hospitality Safety Advisor and get real-time feedback on your operations. 

Some of the areas your Safety Advisor will look into are:

With an increase in cleaning chemicals required, do you have the necessary training in place, the required documentation, and safe storage? Do your workers understand their rights and responsibilities surrounding chemical usage?

Personal Protective Equipment
Are workers trained to use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? How do you determine what is appropriate PPE and is it stored correctly?

Occupational Health & Safety Committee
Is your committee back up and running? Are they considering current and future health and safety concerns? Do they have access to safety resources they can share with all workers?

Although we are living in an environment of uncertainty, one way to be certain about your Safety Management System is through a Service Hospitality Safety Evaluation. 

Completing a Safety Evaluation also gets you one step closer to receiving your HSLC Level 1 Certification.  This is the first step in a four-step program to excellence in Safety Management.  Check out our HSLC page for more information on the program.

Need a second set of eyes? 

Contact your safety advisor for more information and to book your evaluation.

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