Are You Ready for the Crisis?

By George Marshall, CEO, Service Hospitality 

Three years ago, the Government of Saskatchewan enacted legislation which incorporated psychological health and safety into the domain of the Workers’ Compensation Board.  This legislation was easily the most progressive of any jurisdiction in the country.  It went beyond merely incorporating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to effectively allowing psychological injury or illness which is diagnosable under the DSM-5 and is related to work.  Further, the new legislation gives a rebuttable presumption to the work, which means that WCB will automatically assume the claim is work-related until the employer has proven otherwise.

The effects of this change have been felt already.  According to WCB, total psychological claims have nearly doubled since the legislation has been enacted.  Within the service and hospitality industries, costs associated with physical claims that have a psychological component tripled in one year alone.  Last year, claims’ costs in the hospitality sector increased by a record-breaking 32%.  If that has not impacted you directly, don’t worry… it will.

What can you do?  Firstly, if you experience a WCB psychological related claim or something that could have psychological consequences, call us at 306-522-5499.  As hoteliers and restaurants, we are your safety association and you are already paying for our services.  There is never a fee for consultation and advice, and we are always here for you.  We will help your employees and save you money.

Of course, being proactive is always a better solution.  The Canadian Standards Association has established a guideline for psychological health and safety.  We have put together an assessment tool based on this guideline which can help you identify where you are exposed and what you can do about.  Again, this assessment has no fee.  We will come to your location and help you find a solution that works for you.

Service Hospitality established a Mental Health Best Practice Group approximately two years ago.  This group is composed of hoteliers, restaurateurs, and members of virtually every industry in the province.  Currently, there are over 100 organizations participating.  For this group, we have brought in speakers and trainers from all over the country for the single purpose of helping these organizations improve their workplace psychological health and safety.  Again, there is no fee.  Please join us.

Service Hospitality is your expert for workplace psychological health and safety.  We are here to serve you.  Check us out at or just give us a call at 306-522.5499. 

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