Another HSLC Level 1 Recipient!

Congratulations to Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives on completing their HSLC Level 1 Certification!

Executive Director Tim Jones and OH&S Co-Chair Serena Russell (pictured) are committed to developing a culture of safety awareness for all SAI staff. By prioritizing safety, they are not only improving safety in their workplace, but also contributing to a safer overall culture of Saskatchewan’s Community Services industry. 





The HSLC, or Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate, is the highest standard for safety certification in Saskatchewan!

Exclusive to the hospitality industry, the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead you (the employer) through the process of developing and implementing a health and safety management system, and to empower you to create a system and a corporate safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

Even if you aren’t in the hospitality industry this program is available as a Health & Safety Leadership Certificate as well!
Start on a path to make your workplace a safer place to be. Click here to find out more about our HSLC Program! 

HSLC LEVEL 1 Recipients 


Watch Safety is Serious Business

Leaders are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Here’s what you need to know:


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