Board of Directors

Michael Lavis, Chair 
Employer Director
Creative Options Regina (S21)
Regina, SK
Sep 12,  2017 2nd March 2023 March 2026
Kirk Heidecker, Vice-Chair
Worker Director
Sask Abilities (S21)
Saskatoon, SK
Mar 1, 2015 3rd March 2021 March 2024
Kevin Danchuk, Second Vice-Chair
Worker Director
Athabasca Catering Limited Partnership (S22)
Saskatoon, SK
Sep 1, 2015 3rd March 2021 March 2024
Phyllis O’Connor
Employer Director

Canadian Mental Health Association, SK Div. (S21)
Regina, SK
Mar 9, 2018 2nd March 2023 March 2026
Jackie Belanger 
Worker Director 
K-BRO Linen Systems (S23)
Regina, SK 
Mar 25, 2021 1st March 2021 March 2024
Jennifer Henshaw
Worker Director
Restaurants Canada (S22)
Edmonton, AB
Mar 24, 2022 1st March 2022 March 2025
Ian Johnson 
Employer Director
Wingate by Wyndham Regina (S23)
Regina, SK 
Dec 1, 2022 1st March 2023 March 2026

Special Directors

Director Name Starting Date Current Term Beginning of Term End of Term
Larry Bird
Director Emeritus

Ricky’s All Day Grill (S22)
Regina, SK
June 2017 N/A N/A N/A

*Actual start date is prior but this is the date the Bylaws restricting term limits came into effect.


Michael Lavis – Chair
Kirk Heidecker – Vice-Chair
Kevin Danchuk – Second Vice-Chair 

*Committee Term: March 2023 – March 2026*

The Audit Committee of the Board includes:

Kevin Danchuk
Michael Lavis 

*Committee Term: March 2023 – March 2026*

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a member of the Service Hospitality’s Board of Directors? We would love to hear from you. Email or give us a call at 306.522.5499.