3 Deaths Annually – Does That Matter, To You?

83,876 employed annually.

3 times more likely to be injured.

4,000 annual injuries.

3 annual deaths.

These startling statistics belong to our employed, Saskatchewan youth. Something needs to change.

Service Hospitality strives to bring awareness, education, and support to the youth of our province, to reduce their workplace injuries and deaths.

For the 8th year in a row, the Ministry of Education has declared September 10th to be Youth Safety Education Day!

Through the many events and activities that have occurred through September 2019 – and in prior years – Service Hospitality has led the charge in advocating for youth safety in Saskatchewan workplaces. This year, more than any other year, businesses, school boards, teachers and students have jumped on board to learn about how they can be a part of the change.

The focus this year was on mental health. UnderstandUs was voicing the need for societal understanding and a change in perspective of mental illness. Mental health in the workplace is as important as physical health in the workplace – but it is often not perceived equally.

Mental health and wellness play large roles in the way a person migrates through their day – school, family, social, work, etc. are all affected by mental health.

Over 70% of youth will at some point, work in one of the industries Service Hospitality represents. Having awareness about workplace health and safety – physical and mental – can help our youth in growing toward being responsible and safe employees, for life.

Service Hospitality’s video, inclusive of 3 worker rights, helps to bring visual awareness on workplace safety to the youth, employees, and employers of our province.

Find out more NOW about Youth Safety Education Day and the many health, safety and mental wellness presentations Service Hospitality offers to the school divisions.

Knowledge is truly power. By committing to the growth, awareness, and vocalization of how critical youth safety is in the workplace and by striving to change for advancement in our youth’s future workplace safety, you can help change the startling numbers our youth presently represent.

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